Eddytherm 4x

Én mands betjent induktions varmer for tunge emner op til 300 kg

Mobile and powerful induction heating

  • Suitable for bearings up to 300 kg
  • Compact and flexible with movable stand
  • Magnetic temperature probe up to 250°C
  • User-oriented operating modes and displays
  • Automatic demagnetization after every heating cycle
  • Heavy duty wheels and casters for on-site mobility
  • Available options: Voltage from 200 – 600 V and frequency 50/60 Hz.

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EDDYTHERM 4x is a powerful induction heater that is suitable for workpieces up to 300 kg. The swivel-arm crossbar design and the pedal-operated crossbar lift allows a one-man operation even when mounting extremely large workpieces, while the heavy, welded-steel carriage provides on-site mobility.

EDDYTHERM 4x controls the heating by continuously monitoring the workpiece temperature and adjusting its own heating power accordingly. This ensures that the workpiece is heated evenly and the selected temperature is achieved precisely. The crossbar itself remains cool to the touch.

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