Eddytherm 2x

Induktionsvarmer med drejearm for små og mellemstore emner

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Fast and efficient heating and automatic demagnetization

  • Suitable for bearings up to 80 kg
  • Magnetic temperature probe up to 240°C
  • Swivel arm
  • 3 yokes of different sizes
  •  Available options: Voltage from 200 – 575 V and frequency 50/60 Hz.

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The EDDYTHERM 2x induction heater is suitable for heating small and medium-sized bearings or other metallic, ring-shaped workpieces up to 80 kg. It uses the same induction principle as in transformers – its core and windings used as the primary side, but the workpiece acts as a short-circuited secondary winding, which rapidly heats up due to its great electrical resistance.

EDDYTHERM 2x controls the heating by continuously monitoring the workpiece temperature and adjusting its own heating power accordingly. This ensures that the workpiece is heated evenly and the selected temperature is achieved precisely. The crossbar itself remains cool to the touch.

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