… sådan sluttede den årlige sommerfest for personalet ved Uhre & Nybæk, vinderne … selvfølgelig pigerne.










Sommerfesten blev holdt på Skanderborg Park Hotel med den fantastiske udsigt ud over Skanderborg sø. Alle mand mødte op til forfriskninger på terrassen på en meget varm dag, dog måtte drengene desværre undvære Søren Uhre, der var kaldt på Nordsøen til en spændende opgave.










Vi startede med et Gourmet løb, med opgaver undervejs – udfordringer til lugte-, smag-, følesansen og hjerne. Undervejs blev der serveret Champagne, østers og chokolade, men også på græshopper og larver mm …. sluttelig en quiz i det kulinariske . Som sidste aktivitet var der arrangeret lerdueskydning ….. her trådte pigerne for alvor i karakter og beviste overfor drengene, at de bestemt kunne håndtere … ’the big guns’.

Efter omklædning blev der serveret den lækreste 3 retters gourmet middag, festen sluttede på terrassen med drinks og hygge i stearinlysets skær.



…. this is how this year’s summer party for the staff at Uhre & Nybaek ended and the winners of course … the girls.

The party was held at Skanderborg Park Hotel with the fantastic view of Skanderborg lake. In the hot weather refreshing drinks were served at the terrace, the boys unfortunately had to do without Søren Uhre on their team, while he was attending an interesting job at the North Sea.

All started with a Gourmet race, with varied tasks in the making. With challenge the sense of smell, taste, touch and brain. There were served Champagne, Oysters, chocolate but also grasshoppers and other insects, in the end a quiz in gastronomy. The last activity shooting clay pigeons with laser hunting guns. This is where the girls really showed the boys that they could handle the big guns ….. superior victory to the girls.

After changing clothes a delicious 3 course gourmet dinner was served, the party ended in candlelight at the terrace with drinks and fun.





Uhre & Nybæk is going into space – balancing with high accuracy

May 2018


not literally but our balancing services at GomSpace, is in transferred meaning taking us into orbit. We did more than 2 years ago, have the first meeting with founder and partner at GomSpace, Morten Bisgaard, developer Jonas Morsbøl and had initial discussions about balancing of gyroscope reaction wheels.

GomSpace is among other things, developing and manufacturing Nano satellites and inside each Nano satellite, gyroscopes controlling the satellites position in space (Gyroscope is a device used for measuring – maintaining the satellites rotational degrees of freedom, orientation and angular velocity. In this case, it is a spinning wheel in which the axis of rotation is free to assume any orientation by itself. When rotating, the orientation of this axis is unaffected by tilting or rotation of the mounting, according to the conservation of angular momentum. The numbers of gyroscope reactions wheels varies depending of satellite type.

Over the first couple of meetings, technical aspects were discussed as well the design of the reaction wheel, in order to perform the balancing. Søren Uhre, TCO at Uhre & Nybæk, had not doubts about whether was possible to perform the balancing with VibXpert II. The reaction wheels just had to have, the physicals possibilities to make the adjustments and the balancing grade, had to be determined.

Determining the permissible residual balancing was given by ISO standards Uper = (Eper x m) / r where

Uper is unbalance permissible

Eper Rotor permissible specific unbalance

m is the weight of the rotor and

r the balancing radius.

With a rotor weight of approximately 105 grams and a balancing radius of 15 mm, the balancing grade was calculated to 0,8 g/mm in total. Hence the balancing should be in 2 plans, the exact figure per plane is 0,4 g/mm.

Talks about design ended with 2 rows of 2 mm threaded screw holes, 12 in each end of the 30 mm long reaction wheel.

Using the VibXpert II instrument from Prüftechnik for these balancing jobs, was of course an easy choice hence we use this instrument every day and for all our balancing jobs. The accelerometers normally used for the balancing, would though be an issue due to the weight.

Our standard accelerometer VIB 6.142 R weight of 36 grams and the weight would have to high an influence overseeing the weight of the reaction wheel. Even the reflective tape, normally used for the laser trigger was considered to have an influence. Søren Uhre found alternative solutions and with a new accelerometers, with a weight of 4 grams and a silver marker pen for the trigger mark, we were ready to our first trial balancing.

The first test was performed in September 2016. Morten Bisgård and Jonas Morsbøl had prepared two reaction wheels, number 10 and 11. The initial test on wheel 11 included a run-up test to determine if there were any resonant areas. The test showed a good stabile run-up, with a minor resonant point at 1500 rpm.


The first balancing run, showed an unbalance of 1,4mm/s RMS at the running speed. The unbalance was balanced according to below polar plot. The unbalance was reduced to < 0,1mm/s


After the balancing runs, there were still some vibrations in the unit.

The  spectrum shows how the vibration level at the running speed (110hz) is low, but instead we see “hay stacks” in the spectrum, with harmonics, that indicates looseness of a bearing fit. The spectrum RMS is now 0,76mm/s RMS. The loose bearing fit was a known fact, and would of course be improved.




Below is a final run-up test to 6000 rpm.


Since wheel 11 had the problem with the bearing fit, we changed to wheel 10.





Wheel 10 was balance from 0,55mm/s to 0,1mm/s RMS. Compared to wheel 11, the spectrum now shows a dominant peak at 10x ( 1.100 Hz). This peak has been discussed and is related to electrical interference.


To prove that the 10X peak is electrical related, a coast down test was made, where the power was cut. This means that no external power disturbs the vibration picture

Below waterfall plot shows how an 8X peak now instead is visible in the spectrum. This peak was discussed and found to be related to the magnets in the motor.





Besides above vibration readings, a resonant area was detected, when the unit was put in upright position. Another run-up test was performed to determine the frequency area and level. The waterfall plot now clearly shows a resonant area between 2700 – 3050 rpm. The resonance was clearly induced by the motor end covers.







The conclusion from the initial test was, that balancing could be performed without any issues, despite the ‘low tech test setup’ as seen in picture.

First demo balancing. To the left, laser trigger reading the speed signal from the mark made with pen, upon the reaction wheel inside housing. The tweezers is for operating the screws used to correction.

Conclusion was also changing the setup for adjustments. The 2 mm threaded screw holes were to ‘coarse’ and to adjust any wobbling phenomenon, another row of screw holes around the centre of the reaction wheel, would be helpful. The screw holes is now changed to 1,6 mm and tiny unbrako screws in different length and therefor weight, is used for adjustment.

GomSpace has worked with the design of housing and ongoing, tested different bearings for the gyroscope reaction wheels.

Anders B Nielsen and Mathias M Nielsen at balancing setup


Anders Bo Nielsen to the left, is electrical engineer at Gomspace and responsible for test and balancing of the reaction wheels.







Mathias Møller Nielsen, is one of Uhre & Nybæk technicians performing the balancing at GomSpace and is here, marking the flywheel with a pen, for the trigger reading.

Deeply concentrated with focus on accuracy and cleanliness


Uhre & Nybæk invested in another 4 grams accelerometer and when the balancing is performed today, both axes are measured simultaneously, which improves the time used for the balancing job.

Result? Not to be seen from surface of our Earth but somewhere up there, the Nano satellites have been in orbit for more than one year.


Want to know more? Contact us or visit Gomspace https://gomspace.com/home.aspx


Danish Maritime Fair 2018

8. maj 2018

Så er vi tilbage på kontorerne, for at gennemgå og behandle de fine leads, som vi fik på den netop afholdte Danish Maritime Fair. Fra henholdsvis Prüftechnik og Datum Electronics, fik vi på standen uvurderlig assistance og de kunder som kom forbi, en snak direkte med vores kompetente leverandører. Datum Electronics kunne afsløre, at produktet Diesel Hawk snart frigives til salg og Prüftechnik medbragte naturligvis blandt andet, verdens suverænt hurtigste håndholdte vibrationsudstyr, Vibscanner 2 https://www.vibscanner2.com/lp/vibscanner2/page.en.html

Vil du høre mere, så kontakt os eller kig forbi på følgende hjemmesider:



Christian Silbernagel from Prüftechnik explaining the advantages of online CMS with Vibguard while Penny Downer and Paul Lynch from Datum Electronics, trimming the displayed torques systems before next customers arrive to the both

Now we are back at the offices to review and process the fine leads we received at the recently held Danish Maritime Fair. From Prüftechnik and Date Electronics, we got onvaluable assistance and the customers who came by, to talk to our competent suppliers directly. Datum Electronics could reveal, that the Diesel Hawk soon will be released and Prüftechnik naturally brought to the fair, among other things, the world’s fastest handheld vibrating equipment, Vibscanner 2 https://www.vibscanner2.com/lp/vibscanner2/page.en.html.

Need further informations, then contact us or visit our suppliers:



Lejers levetid, diagnoser og levetidsforlængelse

20. november 2017

Bearing failure detection and prevention

Hos Uhre & Nybæk arbejder vi ikke ‘kun’ med vibrationsmåling, alignment og balancering som værktøjer. At hjælpe vores kunder til en sikre drift og dermed tid til optimering og andre vækstsfremmende tiltag, sætter vi stor pris på og en ære i.

Vi ’støber’ ikke alle kuglerne selv, vores fantastiske leverandører støtter os dagligt med gode, innovative produkter og vigtige informationer. Følger du linket, får du en længere gennemgang omhandlende lejer og hvad vi kan gøre, for at gøre det endnu bedre. Det er stifteren af Mobius Institute, Jason Tranter, som fortæller om hvordan man kan lave ændringer for, at forlænge levetiden af rulningslejer gennem valg af de rigtige vedligeholdelsestrategier og teknikker. Nogle af de sammenfattede teknikker omfatter præcisions balancering, præcisions alignment, resonans eliminering, indledende installations metoder, forbedrede smøringspraksis og andre tiltag.

Bearing failures, detection and prevention by Jason Tranter

Hvorfor denne video? Formålet med denne video præsentation er, at fremhæve det faktum, at det ikke er nok blot, at bruge vibration analyse og andre overvågning teknikker til at detektere, at et leje er ved at ‘fejle’. Det er vigtigt at forstå årsagerne og fejl mulighederne og at gøre alt, hvad der er muligt for at reducere sandsynligheden for lejefejl.

Har du spørgsmål eller vil du høre mere om, hvordan og hvorledes vi kan hjælpe til til en sikre drift og længere levetid på dine anlæg, så kontakt os endelig.

Jason Tranter, stifter af Mobius Institute

Aftale om udstyr til vibrationsmåling i hus

1  November 2017

Seeing is believing – vibrationsmåling med kamera

Uhre & Nybæk har fået eksklusiv aftale om salg af  IRIS Motion Amplifikation i Danmark. Aftalen er denne gang direkte RDI Technology, som har hovedkvarter i Tennessee, USA.

Skaberne af den unikke software, Jeff Hay og Robert Wilson som vi mødte i forbindelse med IMVAC 2016 i Orlando, udtrykker stor tilfredshed med aftalen og ser frem til dette direkte samarbejde. Hos Uhre & Nybæk glæder vi os over aftalen og dermed muligheden for, stadig at kunne tilbyde denne unikke teknik til nuværende og potentielle kunder.

Vibrationsmåling med IRIS Motion Amplifikation kameraet, er en fantastisk teknik der på ganske kort tid, kan visualisere vibrationer i alle typer anlæg, også i bygninger, vindmøller, broer, kort sagt alt. Følg de 2 link og se hvad teknikken kan gøre for dig.



Uhre & Nybæk has received exclusive agreement on the sale of IRIS Motion Amplification in Denmark. The agreement is this time directly RDI Technology, headquartered in Tennessee, USA.

The creators of the unique software, Jeff Hay and Robert Wilson, whom we met in connection with the IMVAC 2016 in Orlando, express their great satisfaction with the agreement and look forward to this direct collaboration. At Uhre & Nybæk we look forward to the agreement and thus the opportunity to still offer this unique technology to current and potential customers.

Vibration measurement with the IRIS Motion Amplification camera is a fantastic technique that in a very short time can visualize vibrations in all types of installations, including buildings, wind turbines, bridges, in short everything. Follow the 2 link and see what the technique can do for you.



Nyt fra Prüftechnik – SONOCHECK ultralyd til vedligehold og fejlfinding

24. oktober 2017

SONOCHECK – udstyr til måling af ultralyd

længe ventet men bedre sent end aldrig. Uhre & Nybæk kan nu præsentere ny teknologi, måling af ultralyd fra vores i forvejen indholdsrige værktøjskasse.

Prüftechnik har lanceret udstyr til ultralydsmåling og som sædvanligt, ikke bare ’standard’ udstyr. Hidtil har udstyr til ultralydsmålinger kun haft mulighed for at vise resultatet i et smalt frekvensområde, hvilket gjorde fejlsøgning kompliceret. Tidligere udstyr har haft mulighed for samme frekvensbånd, men man har aldrig tidligere haft mulighed for at se hele frekvens spektret i ét billede. Dette er nu muligt, hvilket er et kæmpe skridt i brugen af ultralyd som et condition monitorings værktøj.

Vi ser frem til at modtage vores demoudstyr i næste uge og kontakt os gerne for en demonstration.

Ultralyd måling

SONOCHECK, måling efter lækage

Pressemeddelselse fra Puftechnik:

Listen to what’s coming from inside!

Uncompromising ultrasound leak detection with SONOCHEK by PRUFTECHNIK

ISMANING – October 24, 2017– With the new SONOCHEK ultrasonic testing device, PRUFTECHNIK, the Bavarian specialist for condition monitoring systems, is entering a new field of preventive maintenance. Thanks to the new SONOCHEK, it is possible to localize specific leaks on high pressure pipes and to evaluate the total loss volume. Its broad bandwidth of 20 to 100 kHz allows almost every leak on all industrial compressed gas and air pipes to be tracked, even from a distance.


The SONOCHEK handheld testing device comes with two apps: SONOLEVEL and SONOLEAK.


The SONOLEVEL app is the universal leak detection tool. You can search and find leaks with this app, carry out basic condition monitoring tasks for bearings, check that the condensate separator is in working order and monitor electric control cabinets for spark production. To this end, the handheld equipment is fitted with various sensor attachments for both the airborne (non-contact) and the structure-borne (contact-conditioned) transfer of ultrasound.


The SONOLEAK app makes the new leak detection system unique. On the one hand, it is used for precise localization of leaks on all compressed air and gas pipes while it can also be used to determine the exact leakage loss volume. A target measurement of only one second is already sufficient to determine the exact loss volume. The corrective action can be identified immediately thanks to the classification of the leak into five different categories.


The broad application spectrum of between 20 and 100 kHz makes it possible to precisely localize all types and sizes of leaks on gas and air pressure systems as well as damage to condensate separators, control cabinets or motor bearings. All ultrasound signals are directly converted into digital signals in the equipment. Reports can therefore be generated quickly and stored with text and voice memos as well as images thanks to the integrated camera.


The user is guided intuitively through the menu. The large touch display enables quick and easy operation similar to a smartphone. Reports can be saved in various formats such as PDF or CSV and transferred to a computer via a USB connection. This gives the user a complete documentation and an optimally functioning system without any energy loss.

More information: www.pruftechnik.com

Oskar-Messter-Str. 19-21
85737 Ismaning, Germany


The PRUFTECHNIK group, with subsidiaries and partners in more than 70 countries worldwide, is continuing to set new standards with innovative technical developments in the sectors of machine laser alignment, condition monitoring and nondestructive testing to maximize and optimize machine and plant availability and to secure product quality

Vibrationsmåling og analyse med Skive Fjernvarme a.m.b.a.

Samarbejde om vibrationsmåling og analyse med Skive Fjernvarme a.m.b.a.

Relationen til Skive Fjernvarme stammer tilbage fra tiden før Uhre & Nybæk. Det første møde om vibrationsmålinger på anlæggene blev holdt for mere end 5 år siden. Nogle ting er værd at vente på. Tanken om vibrationsmålinger som et tilstandsbaseret vedligeholdelsesværktøj, er i de 5 forgangne år modnet og nu blandt andet realiseret, ved indkøb af VibXpert II vibrationsdata opsamler. Lejehaverier på det unikke forgasningsanlæg har indgået i beslutningsgrundlaget for investeringen.

Jens Ole Skov og Rasmus Hvid Kærsgaard deltog i november 2016, i et vibrationsseminar som Uhre & Nybæk afholdt sammen med DDV.
Dette gav anledning til flere møder og i sidste ende som nævnt til indkøb af VibXpert II.

I de fleste tilfælde hvor vi har serviceaftaler og hvor der fysisk optages vibrationsmålinger, udføres målingerne af vores teknikker.

Rasmus og Jens Ole har valgt selv at købe instrumentet og montere Vibcode punkter, da de ønsker stor fleksibilitet i forhold til at måle på anlæggene når disse er i drift samt muligheden for hurtigt at ændre på intervallerne mellem målingerne. Planen er også, gradvist at øge omfanget af anlæg, der skal vibrations overvåges.

”Vibrationsanalysen vil vi overlade til jer, som er eksperter” erklærede Rasmus og tilføjede: ”vi har ikke den fornødne tid og viden til, at foretage vibrationsanalyser”. Sammen med René Pedersen fra Skive Fjernvarme, monterede vores serviceteknikere Jesper Molsen Jensen og Claus Sidelmann Nielsen, Vibcode punkter på de 31 udvalgte anlæg. Udover forgasningsanlægget, blev der monteret Vibcode målepunkter på generatorer og diverse pumper.

Ventilationsanlægget for de 3 gasmotorer, måtte dog have fastmonterede accelerometer, da man ikke sikkerhedsmæssigt forsvarligt, kunne benytte Vibcode systemet.

Vibcode målepunkter monteret på askesnegl.

Brugen af fastmonterede målepunkter er også vigtig, når målingerne og analyserne skal danne grundlag for de fremadrettede vedligeholdelsesaktiviteter.
Måler man ikke nøjagtigt samme sted og tilnærmelsesvis under de samme driftskonditioner, er den tendens man søger i målingerne nærmest ubrugelig.

Da monteringen af Vibcode målepunkterne var fuldført, gav Jesper et kort kursus i brug af Omnitrend software. Jesper havde i samråd med Søren Uhre opbygget en målerute, så de for hvert anlæg nødvendige måleopgaver var indeholdt i måleruten.



René Pedersen og Rasmus Hvid Kærgaard kan derfor nu, uden yderligere assistance fra Uhre & Nybæk, foretage upload og download af målerute i mellem PC og VibXpert II. I Omnitrend er der mulighed for, at følge med i trends i målingerne og dermed kan Skive Fjernvarme være opmærksomme på de mindste ændringer i anlæggene.

4 gange om året, sendes målingerne til analyse hos Uhre & Nybæk. Sådan lyder den nuværende aftale og antallet af analyser kan med tiden ændres. ”Det er vigtigt i starten af et forløb som dette, at få så mange målinger som muligt, for at ’lære’ anlæggene at kende” uddyber Søren Uhre.

Dermed indikere han også, at tilgangen til hvor meget og hvor tit der skal måles og analyseres, er meget dynamisk og forskelligt fra anlæg til anlæg og kunde til kunde.

Har du lyst til at høre mere om, hvad vi kan gøre for dig, så kontakt os endelig.

Skive Fjernvarme a.m.b.a. har i dag ca. 3.591 målerenheder og et varmesalg i 2016/17 på ca. 118.225 MWh varme. Varme produceres bl.a. på et af verdens største forgasningsanlæg af sin art hvor biomasse forgasses og gassen bruges i 3 gasmotorer som producerer el og varme. Drift og vedligeholdsafdelingen arbejder strategisk med at optimerer processerne og minimerer uplanlagte stop, hvor blandt andet vibrationsovervågning er blevet et vigtigt vedligeholdsværktøj.

Vibrationskurser fra Mobius Institute hos Uhre & Nybæk 2018

Vibrationskurser fra Mobius Institute 

10. Oktober 2018

Mobius Institute aktiviteter i Danmark 2018

Vi har taget fat på nyt kursus år 2018 så det er tid til at sætte kryds i kalenderen, hvis du ønsker at deltage i et af de kurser vi tilbyder fra Mobius Institute.

Vi har foreløbig i 2017 haft 25 kursister igennem vores kurser i vibrationsteknik og analyse Kategori I, årets sidste kursus er et Kategori II afholdes 27. november – 1. december 2017, der er stadig få ledige pladser.  Mobius Institute har herved været medvirkende til, at hæve standarden og sagligheden, til glæde og gavn for dem som modtager vibrationsrapporterne.

Vi vil gerne sammen med Mobius Institute, fortsætte med udbredelse af god praksis og ikke mindst, en certificeret forståelse for vibrationsanalyse.

Der er derfor planlagt 3 kurser for 2018 og datoerne er som følger;

Kategori I:         5. – 8. marts (4 dage).

Kategori II:         25. maj – 1. juni (5 dage).

Kategori III:       12. – 16. november (5 dage).

Alle kurserne afholdes på Severin Kursuscenter i Middelfart, hvor der også er mulighed for at overnatte.

Vi har stadigvæk de gode værktøjer fra Mobius Institute, I Learn Reliability (iLR) og I Learn Vibration (iLV). Der vil blive tale om adgang via en web portal, hvor til der kan købes adgang til de forskellige programmer. Vi arbejder også på, at værktøjerne I Learn Balancing (iLB) og I Learn Alignment (iLA) bliver gjort tilgængelige på denne måde. Alle værktøjerne kan også købes til egen brug, kontakt os endelig for flere informationer.

Mobius Institute activities in Denmark 2018

A new year 2018 is set for our courses and therefore it is also time to put a mark into your calendar, if you want to attend one of the vibration courses, we are offering from Mobius Institute.

We have until now 2017 had 25 students though our courses in vibration and analysis in Category I. The last course Category II is held from 27th  November – 1st December 2017, there are a few availble places left.  Mobius Institute has again contributed to a higher standard for analysing vibrations signals, for the benefit of those whom receive the vibration reports.

We would like, together with Mobius Institute, to continue disseminating good practice and not least, a certified understanding of vibration analysis.

There are therefor planned 3 courses for 2018 and the dates are as follows:

Category I: March 5th – March 8th (4 days).

Category II: May 28th – June 1st (5 days).

Category III: 12th –  17th November (5 days).

All course are held at Severin Kursuscenter in Middelfart where there is possibility to stay.

We still have the excellent tools from Mobius Institute, I Learn Reliability (ILR) and I Learn Vibration (ILV). There will be a paid access via a web portal to the various programs. We’re also trying to get the tools ILearn Balancing (ILB) and ILearn Alignment (ILA) available via web portal. All the tools can also be purchased for your own use. Contact us for more information